miércoles, agosto 29, 2012

From The Lady, a hack-gift for Revival

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
¡Totus Tuus, America!

Eva shown me by her post titled ‘Quietism’ a misleading about the actual historic reasons for conserving rites, traditions and hierarchical structures unchanged. LDS Anarchy shown me a disaggregating and dispersing phenomena taking course in mormon own paradigm. The American Leadership Conference of Women Religious in conflict with Rome shown me how far is being seen the returning of the King of Realm. The male/female contradiction is a common thread through these three layers. I read Anne, an irish Catholic Lay Apostle of the Returning King, whom Jesus asks for talking about His people so to help them in these dark times of humanity.

Hard challenge for me. But I am happy because finally I catched a hack-gift that may be the first step to convergence and communion all throughout the world, to struggle together for the actual paradigm be perished. Making a mystical practice of Love along this morning sprang the usual new boost peak and then was done conscious by my soul what follows: ‘I promise that my beloved will always precede me and preside every event in my home and in my entire life, so from now and ahead she shall bless our hours, she shall break our bread and she shall pour our wine to become the creative sign of Jesus at Emmaus (Lc 24:13-53)’

And from over the peak of my boost I heard: 'tell it to Elder Chantdown for LDS Anarchy tribes!'

What? ... why?. Hi, please wait a moment. I am a Roman Catholic, we have no tribes, what do you mean? And then He pushed on: 'they are enabled and indeed they are ‘in situ’ and ‘in vivo’ for heading this wave of e@motion. All people, in the name of Jesus Christ will be able to come into the Mystical Communion for the most Glory of the King of Realm, Now and Here. Purify your hearts to contemplate the Truth that is Myself and love one each other in all its refinement as The Lady says. Be in my Peace in my Freedom and do not seek gifts, they are a few, seek graces, they are an infinite. Cheers!'

While I began to glide from the boost my soul broke out saying:' Oh, my Lily!, ‘stay with us, … the day is almost over ‘ (Lc 24:29). For God brought to light renewal for the tribes on this Time (Lc 24:30) to revival the Pilgrims at Emmaus all over the world (Lc 24:45)'

Victor, a mere Messenger of the King of Realm.