jueves, agosto 16, 2012

There is no sex in Paradise

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
¡Totus Tuus, Magistra!

«For my Blessed Mother, the Lady of all Nations, be forever the Mirror of your soul, if you wish. I pray as She says. She, Their Majesty, the Lady of America. Amen.»

It is a verse of a pray. Would you please, my Mother, tell me something about what it means?

«It could be worked upon this interpretation. Assume the subject as a female human. When she felt her image mirrored by the Lady, she will feel herself kindly boosted. But when she felt her image mirrored by a person who seeks its own interests (1 Cor 13:5), then she will feel herself ashamed. Because, in reverse of the Lady, a person who seeks its own interests has not firmly fixed Jesus, the Holy Ram and only King of Realm, in the most inner center of its soul.»

Cheers, I understand it! If this be so then we should expect she sought You, the Lady, and the Holy Juices poured from Heaven by your Immaculate Heart. Then, she would wish to shun evil people and its worlds. Let I be her too, oh my Sweetest Mirror. Yeah!

Co-Redeemer, my Majestical Lady,
keep me preserved to welcome with You the Redeemed!

Been created redeemed from, the very beginning.

For Canadian people, this message is a blowing kiss from me. Believe me, She is here. The sign of His now Return. Who could stand on its feet before His presence? So much Love He is!

Victor, a Lay Messenger from the King of Realm. Come, come, ...