jueves, agosto 23, 2012

Mystical rose

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
¡Totus Tuus, Pater!

Jesus, You are the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. You are our Majesty who rule in the most inner center of our souls and nature. How could it be when we are mere human beings and human beings are almost countless -Lady Advocate-?.

But yes, it is, who is me to disagree?. By your compassion everything was done, by your mercifulness we are too co-redeemers, through the Immaculate Maternity of our Lady of all People and Nations who overcome any other invocation -Lady Mediatrix-. Then we, human beings, are not all equals because the majesty surrounding each human is not the same. We, simply pawns of your Holy Pledge in the Cross -Lady Co-Redeemer-, are here to love as You Love, to serve as You Serve, for blowing over any human the clearest incense of your Glory -pray the prayer of the Lady-.

What are solemnities and covenants, smokes and signatures before Your Throne of Love? Your real presence and your natural hands are the only hope and seal of your Real Love. We do not like either phantom or ersatz, words for utopia and promises for eons and eons are not our plight. It is not You own who breaks your bread and share your wine among us? I mean, You are what I see, your natural presence what I must strong believe. There is no deceit by You, all Love and Truth.

Mystical Rose, in Heaven from the very beginning, pray for human beings and set our hearts on fire with love of You!

Victor, a mere messenger of the King of Realm.